Bali Downhill Mountain Cycling Tour

Bali Downhill Mountain Cycling Tour. One of the most famous Balitreekingtour .id is to go up to the mountain and enjoy all the things from up there, forgetting the stress and pressure that you get from work. There are many things that will make you enjoy your staying at the mountains and also get the excitement from cycling downhill from the mountain in Bali. There are many places that you can visit to enjoy the experiment of hiking in Bali and there are also various types of activities that you can do before and after having fun cycling at the mountain.

The first thing that you can do before you hike up the mountain is to make sure that you have breakfast. In consuming foods before hiking you should choose the foods that will contain enough fiber to give you more energy while hiking the mountain. There are several choices of foods that you can choose near the mountain and there is a special spot that provides complete menu for Bali trekking tourIf you want to bring your own foods you can enjoy eating it with your family in places that is provided in the mountain and you can also give your foods to other hikers and join the family to have more new friends for new experiences for you and your family.

After reaching certain points at the mountain you will know that you are half way from enjoying the downhill mountain cycling. There are plenty spots that you can see from the top of the mountain and you have to follow the certain ways that have been set by the people there and you will also have to make sure that you already have the experience before to make it easier for you to cycle from the top. There are some people that need to follow the rules when they want to enjoy Bali trekking tour and they also know how to get to the destination safely with the equipments that they give you in order to make your comfortable while cycling.

For some people who have been doing this they do not need detail instructions and terms that they get because they know what to do and also know how to handle the problem. The benefits that you can get by doing this activity will be about the view and also the fast riding that will make you enjoy the fresh and clean air and also the challenges that will make you closer with nature.

So, do not worry about joining this tour because you will get all you need related to the cycling downhill and also the complete safety gears that will make you comfortable while cycling and also can enjoy the riding as you running down the hill with your bicycle with your family.


  • Adult : USD 80 / Adults
  • Children (2-12 years old) : USD 46 / Children
  • Family ( 2 adult + 2 children ) : USD 225

Price Include: Foods and drinks, free charge of bicycle renting, plenty choices of spots.