Bali Group Trekking Mount Batur Best Guide

Bali group trekking mount batur best guide is trekking to batur volcano bali with affordable price from us We offer legal trekking services to Bali with the best service, so you can comfortably and safely do trekking to the mountain. As long as you do trekking, we will guarantee your trip with various facilities interesting and satisfying. So you can enjoy panoramic beauty of batur mountain perfectly.

Mount Batur, a mountain with an altitude of 1717 mtr above sea level and located in the northern part of the island of Bali, precisely in the village of Batur is the best choice of mount for you who will do trekking. Because you will see the beautiful sunrise from its peak. and this view can not be seen on other bali mountain trekking.

The trip to Batur volcano can begin at 02.00 am through a sunrise tour. During the trip you will pass a lot of red lava rock with beautiful view from below smoothly. But it will be different if you trekking to Mount Batur through the sunset tour. You can enjoy stunning sunsets from the summit of Mount Batur without having to rush on the way. In addition, you also do not need to climb the mountain in dark conditions and do not have to fear the heat, because the climb will begin in the afternoon.

To enjoy the trekking trip to the most active volcano in bali, you can follow this beautiful journey along with your friends. Or you can also bali group trekking. But this adventure is only for adults and you should not bring children to do this trekking activity.

If you will travel to Mount Batur with Us, We also provide the best guides from local people who are ready to provide detailed information about Mount Batur for you. So you can enjoy the panorama of refreshing eye beauty, you will also get additional knowledge about this mountain batur.

We also provide various needs that will be used during the trekking. so you just have to think about the personal needs you need. The various needs we provide include: food, civet coffee native from the area, and others.

So, who wants to spend time with something more memorable and never forgotten in your life. Try new things with trekking to mountain batur group with us. Book now!